Resource Trading Returns

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    • @Hans A. Pils I believe that food in the markets have always been high even without the graphic update. However it may not be as high. From my previous experience many new players they do not have enough time and province when they are under attack and they spam militia like crazy. That kills their food upkeep and affect how they fight as militia have really low attack stats compared to other units.
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    • Hans A. Pils wrote:

      OK, @cycle9 and @Ryan04px2025, by now you're right, because since the last graphics update, all noobs are recruiting infantry like crazy. Because they're eager to see the new graphical representation (or because two or three men as the icon give them the feeling of having "more"). At least that's the impression from my current 100p game. That now indeed makes food prices jump to surreal heights.
      But criticizing the research balancing update for that? It's not the fault of the resource balancing that many players are unable to find the right strategy (which - needless to mention - of course is to never build any militia, reg./mot./mech. infantry, at least not on the larger maps).

      Anyhow, reducing the food costs of infantry (while slightly increasing it's manpower costs as I'm proposing all the time - once again linking to --> this thread <--) would also satisfy your criticism. And it wouldn't have negative side-effects, as increasing the overall amount of food would have.
      There are valid reasons to build militia (though rarely, and almost only early game) and regular infantry is an extremely valid unit to build, including on 100p map. Actually, in my experience good players build a lot of reg. infantry.

      Similarly, having either mot. infantry or mech infantry can be very worthwhile, though having both is usually too expensive in terms of research time for the added value.
    • If you're not convinced of my thesis that building militia or reg./mot./mech. infantry is a very bad idea unless being seriously attacked in a very early stage, check this calculation. I assume you have IC level 3 in the province you're recruiting infantry in, which should be about the average. Second assumption I made is that all resources are worth 8.0 money on the market:

      additional resource costs
      from running barracks
      during prod. time
      3 reg. infantry40313504381270
      1 AA + 1 AT + 1 arty440604406170

      So a stack of 3 infantry has the same production costs as 1 AA + 1 AT + 1 arty, but way higher upkeep costs. I didn't even take manpower into the calculation, because it's usually abundant, but you might add that infantry has way higher manpower costs.
      And don't we all agree that both stacks are quite equally useful? OK, infantry has more hitpoints. But the AA+AT+arty stack can fight any opponent, not just defend against attacking unarmoured enemy units.
      Further disadvantages of infantry:
      * You have to build barracks.
      * You have to remember turning off the barracks after recruiting is finished.
      * Above calculation was under the assumption that all resources have the same value. If food is more valuable (as some of you said), then infantry scores even worse.

      I could make a similar calculation comparing motorized infantry with light tanks or mechanized infantry with medium tanks. Believe me, you should keep your fingers off of them, unless you have really no steel at all and need a fast unit.
      Issue for these is people don't properly take the costs for running barracks into the calculation. Due to that, infantry appears to be cheap, but isn't.
      Which is a bad situation. Just like in reality, infantry should have low resource production costs, but high manpower costs + high food & manpower upkeep costs. So whenever people have spare manpower and see a serious war approaching, they would recruit infantry. Do the call to arms. Just like countries did in reality. Low resource production costs should be the argument to consider building infantry - right now in CoW1.0 there's no reasonable argument at all that should make you consider building infantry.

      Sorry I've taken this thread very much off-topic. We should continue in the thread for infantry (--> link <--) if there's more to be added to that.