Hospitals, mining for resources,mine fields, and Marines

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    • Hospitals, mining for resources,mine fields, and Marines

      First hospitals.. I propose these are built in capital only. U can advance the hospital 3levels. 1st level u can place 5 units in at a time level 3 u can place 15. They gain 1% health per hr while in hospital. If capital is attacked the units get placed on defense. .... Mining... You can build a mine on any bare non producing Provence and have it supply 1k of any material chosen at the time of building it. Cost and time comparable to a infrastructure level 2....... 3rd.. mine fields can be built on any road in your core. Do not hurt friendly units but activate when and enemy passes over them cost and research would be similar to rockets. Can not place at a Provence center or inside a city... ..... Last Marines.. they would be built in a level 2or 3 naval Base to be determined. They would have top transport speed and unload bonus which would have them land and unload in a bare Provence at the speed of a naval base level 3. They would have similar build and research cost and attributes of paratroopers but not have delayed movement once landed .. please contact me with any further questions on this.. I feel these would make the game better. Thanks