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    • Torspo2 wrote:

      The new icon for british armored car is misleading. The car is too big in the picture. It looks so huge, or at least that's what she said.

      And the Artillery and AT looks very similar. Maybe lift the shaft part a little on the artillery.
      I think it is a picture, doing that is not easy
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    • k some late but anyway.

      i belive this is a better distribuition of british tanks

      armored cars:

      1. Lanchester Armoured Car Mk II
      2. Guy Armoured Car
      3. Daimler Armoured Car
      4. Coventry Armoured Car
      5. AEC Armoured Car

      light tanks:
      1. Light tank MK VI
      2. Tank cruiser mk II
      3. Tank cruiser mk IV
      4. Tank cruiser mk VI Crusader
      5. Tank cruiser mk VIII Cromwell

      medium tanks:

      1. Vickers Medium Mark I
      2. Valentine tank mk II
      3. Matilda II
      4. Tank cruiser challenger
      5. Tank cruiser comet 1
      6. Centurion tank

      heavy tanks:
      1. Churchill tank MK IV
      2. Black Prince tank
      3. TOG 2
      4. FV 214 Conqueror

      tank destroyer:
      1. deacon
      2. archer
      3. churchill gun carrier
      4. 2-pounder Anti-tank Gun Carrier
      5. sherman firefly
      6. tortoise heavy assault gun

      SP anti-air:
      1. Mounted Qf13-pounder
      2. Crusader AA mk I
      3. Crusader AA mk II
      4. Skink anti-aircraft tank
      5. Centaur AA mk II
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