I Am Looking For An Alliance

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    • I Am Looking For An Alliance

      :beer: :beer: I am a relatively new player who has a keen interest in strategy games, specifically war strategy. I am looking for an active and passionate alliance who are well co-ordinated through a messaging app such as Discord or Whatsapp and compete in many games together. I am looking for that extra bit of co-ordination and teamwork to take this from a solo game to a team game and add some extra fun to the experience. I am on UK timezone but any english speaking alliance will be fine and I often play throughout the night anyway. :beer: :beer:

      My current ratios are province (Lost 56:450 Gained, 8.04 ratio), AI KD (Killed 913:104 Lost, 8.78 ratio), Human KD (Killed 382:79 Lost, 4.84 ratio). I have only played 4 tutourial matches so far, however 1 I joined by accident and stopped playing immediately, 2 of them I have 1, and the 3rd I am well on my way to winning. So I will have a 100% win record on the 3 games I played. :thumbup:

      My ingame name is CharltonLiam. If you are interested in having me join your alliance, please comment on this, or preferably inbox me on my personal account. :thumbsup:

    • I know it is a little late, but I was wondering whether you are still interested in joining an alliance. If so, consider my alliance: GalacticEmpire. We recently started recruiting, and we are an alliance of many levels, from 20 to 54. Our only requirement is that you have a Discord account.

      (I also sent you a message in game)

      Leader of GalacticEmpire

      Forum Second Lieutenant

      Call of War Technician 3rd Grade

      Frontline Pioneer

      "Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute Order 66." -Sheev Palpatine