How to Get Started as Yugoslavia!

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    • How to Get Started as Yugoslavia!


      Yugoslavia is almost another Poland, and I don't mean that as a compliment: you start out with a hilariously underpowered army, little oil, highly aggressive neighbors (Italy), and 7 industrial complexes. (6 as of the most recent bug) That being said, unlike Poland, you can actually survive invasion, because the Italian army's bark is worse than its bite: If Germany invaded you, which doesn't happen very often in my experiences, it's game over.

      So let's just assume that doesn't happen!

      1. You can try to make friends with Italy, but this never works. Prepare for an invasion by sending all of your soldiers to the Yugo-Italian border, and build some fortifications. It's pretty much your only chance. Research better infantry and better militias, then research some actual armor units. Mass produce, and hold your ground: you can win against the Italians!

      2. Build more infra and industry in your oil city IMMEDIATELY. You start with a very shallow amount of oil, and nowhere near enough to last the game. Befriend Romania, if possible, or divert some troops to that border and fortify once more.

      3. Try and get commandos. You have tons of food, meaning that an infantry-focused approach is currently your most viable. So, build level 2 barracks in Belgrade, get some commandos and wait.

      4. Italy not making any progress? Push into the mainland. Or, continue your defensive until they:
      A, give up
      B, go inactive.

      5. Avoid a navy. Seriously, you don't need one. You have no oil, so if you decide to use that oil at all, use it for tanks. Navies come later. Though, don't be afraid to research the tech.

      6. Invade Greece. It's not that hard, you don't need a guide.

      4a. Has Italy still not given up? Get an ally to help you out. Italy's colonies can be a nuisance, but if you team up with France or Spain or somebody else with a presence in Africa, it's a breeze.

      7. Don't underestimate the usefulness of Elite AI. If you go the entire game without declaring a single war (and this INCLUDES surprise attacks) the AI will thank you for it. My finest moment as Yugoslavia came when Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Colombia all sent troops over into Italian territory simply because I got surprise attacked twice. Remember, they aren't the smartest, but the AI is your FRIEND. Go through the proper channels if you want a war: embargo for a day, then declare war formally!

      8. If (somehow) Poland is still standing AND you at least have Right of Way with Romania, head north and get some points.

      9. Don't have any allies, or all your allies went inactive? Get some more, or hold fast and fortify. Remember your oil crisis? Keep that infra coming! If you need more desperately, try moving into Hungary. It isn't much, but it should at least help for a little bit.

      Now you know how to get started as Yugoslavia! I've been meaning to make a guide for a little while now, but given my lack of interest and lack of time, I never really got around to it. Stay tuned for a Nationalist China guide, coming soon!