Can Nukes Start Multiple Wars/Damage Surrounding Units?

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    • Can Nukes Start Multiple Wars/Damage Surrounding Units?

      I am wishing to take over Hungaria to use as an FOB while taking on other larger forces. Hungaria is entirely surrounded by hostile units with only 6 small provinces remaining. I dont own any provinces bordering theirs but I am within plane and rocket range. My strategy is to Nuke their provinces and drop enough rockets until their forces are depleted then send in my paratroopers to secure it. I am aware that nukes have a large blast radius so my concern is that my nukes might damage the surrounding hostile armies are start numerous wars for which I am not prepared. Is this a viable concern, should I use just rockets and save the nukes? Or am I good to go ahead with my plan? In the close vicinity I currently have 1 nuclear bomber, 6 Nuclear Rockets, 12 Rockets, and 20 paratroopers. I also have my main airforce on station to assist. Hungarian Troops consist mainly of anti air forces and planes. Thanks for the help yall.
    • When launching a nuke, you are generally targeting a specific unit AND the province that the unit is standing on. You will definitely end up at war with the owner of that province.

      Units of other countries, even your own or allied units, that are within 50 km of the blast point of the nuke will be damaged or destroyed. This collateral damage does NOT initiate a war, so you should be fine with this approach. Of course there is always the possibility that the AI will declare war on you anyway based on your reputation.
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