I don't understand the combat system

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    • I don't understand the combat system

      I just don't get it.
      The combat system makes no sense to me. A unit can have half of it's HP in damage and still be at 100% condition.
      (see image below)

      I was told that condition relates to HP but if a unit is at 50% of its HP how can it be at 100% condition?

      And the chart that shows a unit's HP in various terrain dosent make sense to me either.
      Strength against Armor Class? The thickness of a tank's armor dosent change just because it is in a forrest or on the open plains.

      I do understand that defenders have an advantage in the CRT (Combat Results Table), and attacking at 3:1 or less is generally not very good odds - in game terms.

      So what is the function or purpose of 'Condition'?
    • As to the terrain, armor thickness is not the variable. For instance, in a wooded area or an urban area, armor is limited by movement, sight, formation, a variation of different issues. If a tank column has to battle in single file rather than spread out, it’s effectiveness is limited, same idea if it’s view is blocked by buildings and trees as opposed to being on an open plain. Historically tanks are more vulnerable in these areas, so it really does make sense for the terrain to affect its fighting power.
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    • merofeld wrote:

      I just don't get it.
      The combat system makes no sense to me. A unit can have half of it's HP in damage and still be at 100% condition.
      the HP is effected by terrain so example tanks suffer from being in cities and lose half their health, but still have 100% condition as condition is how much health they have in the terrain they are in, so tanks will still have 100% condition because they haven't been in any battle (assuming it's brand new off the production line) the tank still loses half it's HP however to resemble the limited mobility sight and firepower in a city compared to being in plains.
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    • Without an image, I wonder if what you are referring to is the SBDE.

      State Based Damage Efficiency is a tricky subject to explain.

      The simple version is that there are limits to the efficiency of multiple units stacked together. In general more than 8 infantry of a single type or 6 armor of a single type are ineffective in a single group.

      So if you have 16 infantry in a group they are only roughly 50% efficient, even at full health (condition).
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