Elite AI

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    • I just wanted to note how nice having advanced AI on all games is. Sure, i always find myself as the most dreaded nation, but it adds a lot more challenge. The second big plus to me is that I always get put in a match where the rest of the players leave, before it was kind of boring, ruining the COW experience, now with Elite AI, even if everyone is gone, the AI provide a bit more challenge than they did before.
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    • The War Machine 7 wrote:

      now with Elite AI, even if everyone is gone, the AI provide a bit more challenge than they did before.
      Amen! ... I've had games that by day 30 only had 3-4 players left (my coalition allies and perhaps a small friendly nation that trades with the coalition allies) ... The AI provides a challenge, but not to a degree that it can beat a decent player ... :thumbup:
    • I played a game on the 10 player blitzkrieg map, a few days in my Ally Germany, I was France, started attacking everyone, then he needed help, so I aided him, a few days go by and he quit :/, now all the ai nation's started declaring war, mind you I'm already at war with the Soviets thanks to Germany, I managed to hold on and come out as #1, and you know what the best part is? After all the sweat and tears I only received 600 gold for winning =.=
    • Butterbear,

      If you did in fact become the #1 nation in VPs when the game ended, my guess is that you were still part of your original coalition giving you a coalition victory which pays out far less than a solo victory.

      Also do note, that if you are the last player in a map because everyone else quit, (which happens in the 10 player maps often), and you are the number 1 player, you can retire at any time and still receive the win and the gold rewards as the solo victor.

      I am only guessing to why you only received 600 in gold, but that would be my best bet with the information provided.

      In the smaller maps, I never join a coalition. I will instead agree to NAPs and/or alliances. This will result in at least the top three players getting far more gold than a winning coalition.

      Another note to know is that there are times you will see a solo player get more gold than the winning coalition members do. The player that takes the highest position behind the winning coalition will receive the gold rewards listed as solo players whether in a coalition or not. Those rewards will include that plus the players points in gold. I have seen this happen many times.

      Hope that helps,

      General cdub