Single Anti Tank unit can take on 10 light

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    • Single Anti Tank unit can take on 10 light

      So Im invading a country. One of his provinces has just 1 level 3 anti tank unit in it.

      I send 10 tanks, in 2 stacks/groups of 5 tanks each.

      Both tanks attack the anti tank unit about 2 - 5 minutes after each other.

      However, the anti tank unit only suffered 4 DAMAGE. FOUR F***ING damage. After being attacked by 10 level 4 light tanks. To make matters worse, I lost 2 tanks after the first round(when the second round begun)… Like wtf.

      The terrain was in the hills, and the tanks were at 100% condition when they attacked the anti tank.

      Can someone please explain to me what exactly this happened

      ----------------------------- The Below picture show how the battle take place -------------------------

      The anti tank unit is attacked by 2 groups of 5 tanks each(This is during round 2)

      This is the health status after the first round of attack by stack 1

      This is the health status after the first round of attack by stack 2.

      Notice each stack of 5 tanks is losing 25 - 27 damage in 1 round.

      ----------------------------------------- Edit.....It happened again ------------------------------

      This time I have a stack of 6 level 4 light tanks...

      The stack attacks a single level 3 anti tank unit and suffers 11 damage... which is justified....

      However, the anti tank only takes 3 damage from my 6 tanks???? Why....

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    • One thing that I notice is you mention the terrain is hills, you are attacking with tanks against an infantry unit on terrain that is good for them and not for your tanks. Also, if you are attacking them and they are in their cores they will have a bonus and such, after all this we have the xfactor which will account for some randomness to the outcome.

      Also, every time you attack they get a counter attack, pretty sure you take a penalty to attack and they get a bonus to defend.
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    • This happens because sometimes units prevail despite all the odds being against them. This is simulated in this game by the combat calculator with the X factor and other factors such as the max chance, and possibly some that aren't described.

      Also there are some cases where a unit is particularly weak against other units by design. I suspect there is a weakness of tanks against anti tanks, simply because that is the nature of anti tanks.
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    • freezy wrote:

      There isn't a hidden unit type bonus, so the anti tanks are not dealing less damage just because they are fighting an anti tank. Sadly I can also not explain the results the OP experienced, other than attributing it to bad luck.

      Luckily such unexpected results should not happen anymore with the combat system of CoW 1.5 :)
      Last weak 2 LT lvl 2 atack me, i defended with 2 AT lvl 3 and i lost ._. no arty, no planes.... it was so strange lol
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