A guide for new players. Dont suck!

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    • A guide for new players. Dont suck!

      This is a guide created by the conflict of nations forum team. I find it pretty funny and interesting. CON is similar to COW and I find that they work in COW too. Credits too HATMAKER, GERMANICO.

      HATMAKER wrote:

      The following are tips to not sucking, and being a bad coalition teammate.

      If anyone has issue with these tips or would like to add to the list please chime in. Input is more than welcome.

      RULE 1.

      Do not attack in all directions aimlessly, without a plan, then ask your coalition mates to bail you out of trouble when the three countries you invaded counter attack and are eating your lunch.

      RULE 2.


      RULE 3.

      Do not take territories, city's, that you can't, or don't intend to defend. leaving your teammate to defend yours, and theirs flank from what is potentially a "weak spot" and point of counter attack is complete garbage. And the works of a bad teammate.

      RULE 4.

      Do not "step on toes" of your teammates. If you see a teammate preparing to invade or in the process of invading DON'T race in trying to capture city's, provinces before your teammate. Firsts communicate (see rule #2, and rule #5) with said teammate and ask he/she if they would like any help with their plan.

      RULE 5.


      RULE 6.

      Do not give "RIGHT OF WAY" to countries outside the coalition without express consent of coalition leadership, and membership. Giving right of way to outside countries / players can make your teammates VERY vulnerable.

      RULE 7.

      Try and not to be a ****. Remember there are people speaking with different levels of English and be patient. Be prepared to work well with others, and share the load. If you can not do this do not join a coalition !

      Germanico wrote:

      RULE 8.

      Communicate to your team mates never to give Right of Way to anyone unless mutually decided upon.
      I left the rest because I think it does not apply to COW. Enjoy and feel free to add on.
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