Potentially new features!

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    • Potentially new features!

      Veteran troops!
      Yes, troops can be upgraded in the "Research" but what about their battle experience. In reality troops become much more experienced and effective after a battle. Thats how veteran troops are made.
      Think about it this way: Upgrading your troops in the "Research" is their starting point( their equipment, training in bootcamp...). But after they join battlefield and survive they GET THE EXPERIENCE. This experience is collected after each battle phase and each troop type need certain amount of ex-director to level up in battle. For instance: One regiment of infantry lvl3 fight one regiment of infantry lvl1. They beat them and they get (for example) 15 exp. That is enough for them to upgrade to "Veteran troops" lvl1. And they get (for example again) +10% damage and +2 speed. After a while if troops fight again, and survive they get more experience and become "Veteran troops" lvl2 with +10% more damage and +2 more speed.
      Of course different troops need more or less exp. For instance, one heavy tank regiment needs 35exp, one light tank regiment needs 20exp and one infantry regiment needs 12exp.
      And last but not least, one regiment gets more exp after killing one regiment, than ,for example, 4 infantry regiments. Because all of exp that one dead infantry regiment drops has to be split between 4 different regiments. This is in game logic, in reality you can look at it like this: if smaller amount of soldiers fight, each one of them will encounter much more combat than bigger unit.
      I think this would be great feature that will add another dimension of realism to the game.
      I would like to hear your opinion on this!
    • Nikola Tolj wrote:

      ..I would like to hear your opinion on this!

      My opinion about veterans..? Yes, I agree ..

      .. but it's the player who gains experience and becomes a veteran :D

      A veteran's bonus for units is nonsense in this game. :thumbdown:

      Units in CoW are not only single units, but as we know a single CoW-infantry-unit is already a complete regiment.

      In order to gain experience, melee units (regiments) has to (due to the CoW combat system) suffer casualties (own killed soldiers), and the surviving soldiers of the regiment have gained experience, right -- but then >>

      >> during healing, general experience of the regiment (CoW unit) will decrease because fresh and inexperienced recruits are brought into the regiment >>

      >> means the more experience one unit (regiment) has accumulated the more casualties it has suffered to gain it, and therefore more new recruits are needed >> so, as more experience a regiment has won so more the regiment will lose during healing, because every percent of healing (new recruits) reduces the general experience.

      Also, usual in the game, when units are merging, the soldiers of all units (regiments) are evenly distributed to all present units (regiments) .. -- rest is the same as see above ..

      .. and if regiments of different experience and different life points are combining, then with every percent-point of healing, with each hit, with each additional unit (regiment) etc a new calculation would be necessary and would change the veteran bonus (.. and would lead to unpredictable changes of the strength of mixed stacks every time) >>

      >> so therefore a veteran bonus can not really be a fixed value anyway without making further changes to the unit- or combat system, othwerwise the "experience" would be not more than just another little x-factor -- but there's already the big >> X-factor << (whereby a veteran bonus can only be a random value in the combat calculation anyway) ..

      .. but why so much effort -- rather take one more unit into the fight and everything is well. :thumbsup:

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