One versus one.

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    • One versus one.


      My friend and I wanted to play a COW game one versus one. I noticed that Bytro removed the English Channel map from gameplay. The next map I would choose would be Mediterranean Theater, because it has four players. There seems to rarely be anyone playing this however, and I cannot start a game as I do not have HC. Is there any way to play the English Channel map or is it gone forever? If so, are there any options for 1 v 1 games? Thanks.
    • Hello, I believe that you can play one versus one without paying. So first, both you need to create a different alliance. You will then challenge each other and play a two player game with any map available for alliance war. Make sure that your alliance is not open so that others will not be able to play your game. If this post is cheat and not allowed in the forum, please let me know and I am sorry for that. :)
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