CALL OF WAR fanfiction

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    • CALL OF WAR fanfiction

      The year is 1917 the great war is leaning towards the end the German Empire is on the Brink of collapse and the austrians lost already the controll over hungary wich got under romanian occupation, a soviet uprising in Northern, Central and southern russia lead to the forming of the transcaucasian SSR the Central Russian SSR and the Karelian SPR. In the south Ukraine is struggeling its newly granted Independence after the cossaks have risen Up and taken what used to be the south of the empire. the russian Empire Stands defeated but Not destroyed, they had to move eastwards towards the Ural. Finnland now owns all its greater Land. The war is over. The great Depression lead to the second American civil war and a soverin Michigan state while the UK and France lost Control over Most of their colonys only canada remains. The spanish are now communist and Franco got exiled to Rio de oro. Morocco fought a 7year Long war against algeria and won. the Kaiser returned from Exile and was allowed to Take Power of Germany wich lead to Adolf Hitler's obsolety and revolt, wich endet in His exicution. Italy lost lybia due to a Major war between them and great Brittan.
    • Then the 1940's came, WW2 took place, and the alien Greys came over in 1947 ... Then they hypnotized us, made us think they crashed ... But in reality they took over our planet and took us a barren moon, where they keep us in a deep sleep where we think we are playing Call of War ... Well, not exactly the fictional story I tell in my just released book "1947: The Grey's Odyssey to Earth', but it could be in a follow up book! ... 8)