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    • Games are ended by satisfying the victory conditions which are listed in the newspaper. Either a solo victory or a coalition victory. This means capturing enough points to exceed the number listed there. Note that if you are in a coalition your solo points are ignored, and only the coalition total is checked against the coalition requirements. If you have enough points for a solo win, but are in a coalition, you will need to leave the coalition and the game will end at the next day change.

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      Please note that while a solo victory requires 51%of the available victory points on the map, a coalition victory requires 70% of the points available on the map. If you only know the solo victory requirement you can multiply by 1.38 to find the coalition victory requirement.

      Alternately most games do become eligible to retire once there are fewer than three active players. First count the number of active players in the diplomacy menu and make sure there are less than three. Next look for the retirement article in the newspaper and vote to retire. All of the active players will need to vote to retire.

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      Note that the points totals listed in this message applied only to the game I took the image from, not your own.

      When the game ends by retirement, the country or coalition with the most points will be declared the winner, even if this entity is inactive. So if you do not have the most points, you will not get credited with the win or the rewards to go with it.

      A separate note about games ending by timers: When the timer runs out it acts exactly like the retirement except for one detail: The game ends according to the points listed in the latest issue of the newspaper. When the game ends during the day there is not a new issue of the newspaper created, so if you have gained or lost a few points since then, or created or left a coalition, these most recent changes will not be reflected in the game end rewards.
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    • If I may ask as I have never been in a map before that there was a possibility for retirement until now.

      I am now in a game that there are only two of us and I am at war with that other person. I have the most points, he has the second most points and he is asking to vote for retirement. I am ok with this so he can take second.

      My question is....

      If I vote to retire which he already has, will I get credit for the win of the game and it be recorded in my wins as well as the achievements page for that map?

      General cdub
    • General cdub wrote:

      If I vote to retire which he already has, will I get credit for the win of the game and it be recorded in my wins as well as the achievements page for that map?
      Yes as long as you are first in points on the leaderboard you will be credited for the victory and it will appear on your stats and achievements.
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