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      in this map i use tibet & australia. All of them have 1 big problem. When my land grow biggest in the world 500++, they are short of foods and goods. although news say my economic is on top(3 time bigger my competitor), but my generate food and goods much little than them. The population consumption is much higher than other player. it is burden to big country.In this map, big country have small army, and small country with big army.

      My suggestion is lower food and goods consumption. or using manpower to reduce consumption population.

      The historic world map is much less people play because of panic economic, and cant grow when you go bigger size. so many player quit very fast.

      I hope management can understand the map problem and resolve it. other map like 100map, pacific usa map is not much problem. only this map.

    • Hi, it actually depends. When you play a game and your resources go down. You should work on reducing resource consumptions. You should read some guides on how to do so.

      It is normal for some of us to think that unit production goes down but if you know the game mechanics, that will not be a problem. Management most likely will say the same thing about game mechanics. Not sure if you are beginner in the game or just the forum.
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    • I begginer in the forum, but ranking in top 2,000 player. (win 19 game in 37game)

      consumption is on population. example i control 500 land with 100 unit army; food, produce 27k, consumption 5k on military. population consumption 20k. almost 75% from my production.

      note: my food land: 2 core land and 5 non core land with full infrastructure and industrial complex.

      Now i even see a enemy nearby free land but i not to occupied it. Bcos it will build more population consumption and i cant kill my population.

      i only can wait to build infrastructure and industrial complex in other land with generated lower than 1k resources land.
      which is big investment in low return.
    • Alright, I had the same issue but to me, the best idea seems to be trying to stop the production of some infantry units because of unit upkeep, protect your core food production at all cost, try to disable some unneeded barracks and leave barracks in provinces that you must have barracks for unit production. You have to know that if you occupy that, you get closer to winning. One problem seems to be that you care too much of your countries economy, I know that it is important but it cannot stop you from getting close to victory. Just asking how much barracks do you have. the main goal is to win so I rather you cancel all your infantry and barrack and to conquer provinces. Maybe a screenshot of your current map and resource?
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    • now in day 49, Current country as file attached. all barrack been inactive. now even small country AI army like mongolia, manchuguo is strong than me. turkey and soviet double or tripper strong.

      may be you say right, i more care on my economy. after research some unit, i will build much army to conquer neighbour. although it may run out of food.
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    • Yes i can, but my core land is not nerby sea, furthermore major food land is not nearby sea, still a "heavy investment, low return".

      I just wish the management know the map problem to change game mechanics.

      I play lot of country like australia, usa, brazil, turkey, all of them same issue, cant grow. Grow bigger will short of food and goods.
    • user33 wrote:

      Grow bigger will short of food
      I got the same problem, not only in my current games, but in previous ones in this map. And creating IC's and Infrastructure in conquered provinces only reduces the problem a little bit (wish that they increase productivity from 25% to a higher number). To reduce problem I have disabled many barracks (a lot from conquered adversaries) and selected a few naval bases for closure (only a few help your food consumption, others don't). As of lately, I only make 3 types of infantry units (artillery, AT's, and AA's) to reduce food consumption problem- got plenty of regular infantry and commandoes. Many people drop out, even when doing well, because of this issue.

      I wish that CoW makes this food issue less of a problem in a future upgrade to 39 historical map ... 8)