Paratroopers - Something's Off

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    • Paratroopers - Something's Off

      Paratroopers were an interesting addition to the game mechanic. They represented a unit with abilities which, in name, suggested something... yet... when deployed... one could say their parachutes failed to deploy and all they did was leave little craters on the ground.

      Current Mechanics
      Unit begins existence as a Air unit, then transforms Air unit into a Land Crawler (just like a butterfly crawling back into it's cocoon). Then it the unit attempts to find his buddies, and all the other crap that he dropped or that dropped off of him during his un-Rapture. A process that takes 18 hours at Lvl 1, then decreasing to only 10 hrs at Lvl 3.

      This to me seems backwards, and missing a key ingredient.


      1. Paratroopers landing in a province should have 1 key bonus applied to the territory in which they are "Deploying".. a movement PENALTY should be applied to all Enemy units moving within that territory for the duration of the "Deployment"... say 50%.. as if moving through Enemy Territory, and that would be ON TOP of standard movement penalty if paratroopers landed on empty centre of said province and captured it on arrival, or the province was already owned by Paratrooper owner or coalition member. Paratroopers can land anywhere in a territory to have it this movement penalty take effect.

      2. Paratroopers take no damage during their "Deployment" phase as they have been scattered "like sticks in the wind" and are crawling through every hedgerow, field and creek in their quest to find themselves a friend... and wreaking havoc as they go on their walkabout.

      3. Paratrooper Deployment times Should INCREASE as they Lvl up to show their improved effectiveness in disrupting enemy movement, reinforcement attempts and general ability to wreak havoc behind enemy lines.

      4. Only Capitol can produce Paratroopers, but any Lvl 3 Airfield with a Barracks should know how to put the ketchup back in the bottle and get their parachutes back in their packs. They should be able to redeploy into Airplane (Butterfly) mode if they can get to the proper facilities capable of supporting their redeployment.

      That would make for a realistic and useful unit.
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    • I love the paratrooper units. I agree they should be able to repack and redeploy. Also I do think the deploy time is a bit excessive. As they are great at capturing undefended territory behind enemy lines, you almost have to deploy single units in multiple areas to try having any of them survive their deployment.
      Great chaos unit, but could be a bit better.
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