Artillery,Self Propelled Artillery, and Railroad gun

    • Artillery,Self Propelled Artillery, and Railroad gun

      So I noticed that when artillery was bombarded by another unit it would lose its condition points and strength, artillery units should deal less damage if they are being bombarded much like when a province loses its moral when bombarded ranged units would deal less damage when being bombarded themselves.
      - スプラトゥーン

    • @Ryan04px2025

      Artillery units during war were used not only to "soften targets" but are the only units available at the time to strike armies when they are not bunkered down, for example, Sweden developed the Bandkanon 1 to hit Russian forces within a short amount of time with the most amount of damaged before the Russian forces bunkerd down and take cover. The Bandkananons 1 speculation is that artillery inflicts the most damage at the beginning of the barrage on soldiers who have not bunkered down, it should go both ways for artillery.
      - スプラトゥーン

    • I think I misunderstood you. So basically when an artillery division is being bombarded, it should have less attack points because the soldiers are taking cover and not being able to fire their artillery. But like this, if the artillery who is being bombarded, bombards back to the enemy artillery, the enemy will also have less attack point. So if they both end up with the same attack point when attacking each other, we can keep it the way it is. But we should not keep it the way it is when it bombards other units.
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