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  • Ironically in my current regular game in the 39 map, at day 16, the two countries with the most VP's, they both have low Global Popularity- including myself. The first 5 countries I went to war with, I was the aggressor- but I went thru the process of embargo and then declaring war. The next 4 countries that I went to war were all AI countries- all declaring war on me. I also have the largest army on the planet, supported by the top economy- large armies also seemingly lowering my popularity the last few games I played. I also wonder if my current 12 game winning streak (10 by coalition) contributes to my bad popularity ...
  • In game 2,943, 186 ... Of the 9 countries I'm in war with, I only initiated war with France (supporting a human friend in French Syria) and China ... Since China I had 7 countries declare war on me- 6 elite AI and a human, who may have sought I was lost when all these AI's declared on me ... How can I describe been at war with 6 elite AI countries at the same time ... I can hardly get any sleep and resource spending is humongous ... Can we limit the number of AI countries declaring war on a human player? ... Perhaps 3-4? ... I'll either die of stress or quit this game to get some sleep! ...
  • That is what makes it challenging in the game. Perhaps, the Beta's should test it! Yes I agree, 2 games before I had 6 countries declare war on me which made me really stressed in a game which I find it really tiring. :(
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