Coalition Betrayal, possible solution.

    • Sebasthian Pino wrote:

      This is horrible in so many ways...

      I agree with Sebastian ... I'm on my thirteenth game ... In all of them the coalition membership I started with was not the same- people got wiped out or went inactive often ... Folks changing coalition happens often, particularly if the coalition is formed early in the game (e.g day 2) ... In my current game, a fellow that is about to join my coalition (after the 3-day cool off) left a coalition where he does not speak the same language as the member with the largest army, and the other one is in a different continent ... :thumbup:
    • You can accomplish the "Never under any circumstances will I be betrayed" thing by joining a team event. Teams are set from the start and diplomacy can not be changed...

      Though you can stil talk to the other side...

      And you didn't mention trade.. So even on the same team/coalition.. I could just give all my resources to other team....

      With the conditions you posted Trooper, I'd never join such a game. Too many players go inactive and those penalties you outline are too steep.

      And even in coalitions, you might want to negotiate with other coalitions to double-team a stronger coalition then you two have a "even" fight once the stronger guys are wiped out....

      Diplomacy is just as important as troop count sometimes.... removing that would affect many players... like removing research. Resulting you being stuck with what you've started with... for good, bad or ugly.
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    • Not the right thread. Servicenearmee.

      Violet_Trooper wrote:

      I'll keep it simple to make our lives easier, the first part will be the changes for coalition members as well as what would stay the same, the final part will say (in my opinion) what it would solve.

      1. Members of a coalition cannot message a member of another coalition.
      2. Members of a coalition cannot message a member of another coalition for three days after leaving their coalition(or whatever time it takes to join a coalition again)
      3. Members of a coalition can message players not in a coalition, if there were in-game communication a third party would be required and thus increase the chance of intercepting betrayers messages (theoretically, people will get mad at this because no one uses spies)
      4. Coalition members cannot use articles
      5. Coalition members cannot use articles for three days after leaving their coalition (or whatever time it takes to join a coalition again)
      2nd part,

      1, 2, 3, this will prevent interaction with other coalitions, after all, coalitions should make the members more secure, not more powerful.
      4 & 5, So no leaks from coalition members to other coalitions.
      No 1 point. When you are not in the same coalition, that does not mean that you cannot negotiate with them. Even Hitler and the UK negotiated at first. Without diplomacy tab with other coalition people, you cannot cooperate or even trade with them in the private chat area.

      No 2 point. If you cannot message a member after a coalition for three days, what is the point of the diplomacy??? You might want to have peace with them. The game already does not allow you to join another coalition so I think that is very not necessary and limits what us, players can do.

      No 3 point. What do you mean no-one uses spies? Have you checked other threads in the forum? How long have you been playing in COW to find out? There are threads about that itself and I am pretty sure that for new players it is not on their top of their to do list and is minor but for other more experienced player, maybe not.

      No. 4 point. I am part of the coalition, I cannot view the newspaper and send articles? Why? Why do you want to block off all communication with the outside? The whole point of this game is to find a buddy or solo and fight through it. It does not mean that to prevent betrayal, you never find a coalition or lost the right of speech when in a coalition.

      Second part, We players have OK integrity and we will not betray people as much as you think. I am guessing that you came out of a betrayal to say this but perhaps you should go to the Spanish channel and find out about honour. Just saying, sometimes being cunning and tricky is part of the game. A lot of countries betray each other to survive the war. This might happen.

      Some valid suggestions.

      We already have no moving into another coalition after leaving from one for three days and I think that will be enough. In some games, you are not allowed to give ROW or shared map to rival coalitions. I think chatting with them is OK but trading is questionable. Of course without much countries contributing to the trade market, the trade market will be dead so perhaps that might not be a great idea.

      In conclusion, limiting what we can do will not work because that will change the game and the purpose of the game. I think other ideas may be valid but sorry to say, this is not one of them.
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