My suggestions to the mobile app

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    • My suggestions to the mobile app

      It quite annoys me to express that whilst using the Call of war app i find it hard to play on portrait mode instead of landscape like my pc the app is a good idea but people who use ipads may find it disturbing that we can't just use our device normally and play a good game on our device without inconveniencing ourselves I hope you take this into consideration

      Formal Appproach,

      Hello Bytro I am here to talk about the mobile app of call of war and some disadvantages it has (my thoughts) I do not like that we dont have a forums app also we dont have an option to make a new game and last of all the one that pisses me off is that we dont have a landscape orientation mode it is very annoying and irritating that when I play on my tablet or IPad I cannot play in landscape mode and have to play like I am using a phone. Very ridiculous so if you guys could make a way for a new orientation that would be more than appreciated, thanks!
      -Sincerely Derek
    • Hello Derek, so basically I am not sure what you mean by apps. The forums are basically a website where you can suggest and give new approaches to the game and I do not think it is necessary to make it an app because forums should basically be a website platform. I personally do not play Call of War but I am sure it would be necessary for that to happen and do understand your frustration. ;)
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    • Hi, the mobile game will remain in portrait mobile, for the simple reason that aloooot of Interfaces in the game use lists, and scrolling lists vertically makes much more sense. The whole layout would have to be rebuilt to support landscape mode. Also, in portrait mode you can play it with 1 hand, which is handy if you are on your commute for example.
    • freezy wrote:

      which is handy if you are on your commute
      You shouldn't use your phone while driving ;) :D :P
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