Buying all resources in market at the beginning

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    • Buying all resources in market at the beginning

      when game start usually I have about 300k money and I want to buy all resources from market cos they seem cheap
      when I bought all of them I have still 50k money and ıt ıs enough to build infrastructures
      why players dont buy resources from market ? or is there a special market for everyone ? I cant understand

      maybe buying all resources wasnt a good idea ?
    • But you will always want to save some money for other issues but since you bought all the resources you should be OK. Yes it is still enough to build infrastructures but a problem is what units do you want to produce? If you have good buildings, and you dont produce. That probably wouldn't help. You want some unit production with the buildings. It seems that you are buying too much. I think from now on, you should focus a bit more on attacking and unit production
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