Rockets and Strategic Bombers

    • Rockets and Strategic Bombers

      these two systems are out of historic balance to one another.

      Rockets function in the game as the anti airfield and big stack fortress busters. This was not their historic function. They were terror weapons aimed at cities with morale and minor destruction of facilities. Certainly they were not used as ship killers.

      Increase morale, reduce troop attack on rockets.

      Strategic bombers need to increase building damages as well as have a morale impact on a province.
    • But is it possible to have it as ship killers? Weapons here are not supposed to be used as it is in the war. We cannot only use nukes against Japan because we are the ones creating history. ;)
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    • Building damage is currently a bit messed up in the code. Currently units deal only about 3% of their building damage to buildings, so absurd high values would be needed there, which are then also misleading, plus damage to morale follows a different curve and it would be very unbalanced.
      It is on our plan to fix this calculation in the coming months so that we are able to properly assign building or morale damage to units without going to insane numbers.
    • Thanks for the clarification, @freezy.
      It would really help very much if this could be resolved. I can only support @EZ Dolittle's request.

      Trying to make it a bit clearer - assuming the bug concerning damage to buildings was fixed:

      Strategical bombers should do:
      - High damage to morale.
      - High damage to buildings.
      - Less damage to ground units than tactical bombers.
      - Very low damage when attacking air units.

      Rockets should do:
      - High damage to morale.
      - Medium damage to buildings.
      - Low damage to units.