Province morale

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    • Province morale


      in guide is written:

      1) No capital: If you have no capital at day change, you get -40 in
      morale calculations instead of the distance to capital in all provinces.

      There is game, a country is 3 days without capital and at war with minimal 3 enemies and has average morale above 90%.
      Have there been any changes to keep the dull from playing again? (Like a lot of recent changes?)

    • It's also written:
      3.3) Capture an enemy capital. Capturing an enemy capital will raise the morale across all other provinces you own by 10%. (instantly at capturing)

      In addition of that and if I remember correctly, morale drops by a maximum of 15% every day.. -- long as there are enough enemy capitals, you can keep a high morale even without an own capital.

      PS -- ..and also this:
      3.2) Gold can be used to bring the morale up.

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