Roleplay group looking for experienced roleplayers (must have discord)

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    • Roleplay group looking for experienced roleplayers (must have discord)

      this is a alt history rp set in 1900 where byzantine empire survived.

      These are the open nationsKingdom of the Netherlands:Kingdom of sweden (Danish vassal):Kingdom of Ukraine (Polish vassal):Kingdom of hungary:Gran Colombia:Argentina:Pakistan (British vassal):India (British vassal):French indochina (French vassal):Abyssinia:Republic of South Africa (Dutch protectorate):Commonwealth of Canada (British vassal):United States of Mexico:Mongolia (Ming empire vassal):Yue tributary (Ming empire vassal):Ning tributary (Ming empire vassal):Shu tributary (Ming empire vassal):Shun tributary (Ming empire vassal):Skinjiang tributary (Ming empire vassal):Tibet tributary (Ming empire Protectorate):Alash orda (Russian vassal):Siberian government (Russian vassal):Yakuta government (Russian vassal):

      Official timeline of this rp with the points of divergence--------------------------------------------------------------------476 the western roman empire survives a period of uncertainty and manages to secure libya and tunesia.-602 emperor maurice assasination attempt failed and the traitors are executed wich means that there was no byzantine-sassanid war and maurice was able to secure a alliance with assasanid empire as maurice liked the assasinids.-629 start of the first arab byzantine war, byzantine empire and sassanid empire are allied and defeat the arabs wich results in islam going no further than the arabian peninsula.-1444 the schism between the west (catholic) and east (orthodox) is to great to reform the full extend and the east gives up the title of rome and becomes the byzantine empire.-1644 the ming empire defeats the qing and stay's as the mandate of heaven.-1795 russia manages to protect polish lithuanian commonwealth from being partitioned by the other powers in order to secure a buffer state in the west that will do whatever it asks.-1815 end of the napoleonic wars britain fulfills its promise to the dutch since they did not find much of value and gives back the cape colony and the roman empire becomes a republic after having been defeated in the napoleonic wars.- 1818 anglo american convention ends in a stalemate and washington state remains contested-1830 austria being considerably stronger without having to deal with a ottoman empire decides to unite all germans under one banner.-1850 after 20 years austria has conquered all germans and created the german empire.-1860 the first industrial revolution arrived late wich means that colonisation of coastal regions is more efficient-1880 the second industrial revolution is in full swing this means that the race for africa and other uncolonized regions has begun.

      We need you join here!
      "Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal"