FlemishPagan's Unofficial player tournament.

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    • FlemishPagan's Unofficial player tournament.

      Hi community !

      Start of a brand new unofficial player tournament.
      As of i today i will create 1 1939 Blitzkrieg over Europe map per month.
      There will be 10 qualifying maps , and then there will be 1 Final map where the ten winners battle eachother for the final honour of being FP's tournament winner for a year, and being the best out of 100 players.

      You can sign up by sending me a mail with the info you want to sign up.
      Every month the first ten participants will get the password.

      Map details :
      10 players
      Random nation selection
      No coalitions possible
      1 day peace period vs AI
      2 day peace period vs player
      Starts when full

      note, i will be in every map, but i will let AI take over.
      When game ends, the winner needs to mail me so i can check.

      First map will be created now, so be quick !

      FlemishPagan 8o
    • Hi all !

      The first Qualyfier has ended, and I congratulate IsS8 on his win and winning the first ticket for the final.
      Sign up for the second round is hereby opened.

      You can reach me by mail here, as well as in the CoW mailbox.
      there are 10 open spots for this round, so be fast or be late.