FlemishPagan's Unofficial player tournament.

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    • FlemishPagan's Unofficial player tournament.

      Hi community !

      Start of a brand new unofficial player tournament.
      As of i today i will create 1 1939 Blitzkrieg over Europe map per month.
      There will be 10 qualifying maps , and then there will be 1 Final map where the ten winners battle eachother for the final honour of being FP's tournament winner for a year, and being the best out of 100 players.

      You can sign up by sending me a mail with the info you want to sign up.
      Every month the first ten participants will get the password.

      Map details :
      10 players
      Random nation selection
      No coalitions possible
      1 day peace period vs AI
      2 day peace period vs player
      Starts when full

      note, i will be in every map, but i will let AI take over.
      When game ends, the winner needs to mail me so i can check.

      First map will be created now, so be quick !

      FlemishPagan 8o
      Game Operator
      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh