How does the alliance play out?

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    • Yes you can choose the amount of players playing and 2 v 2 or 10 v 2 et cetera. I think the coalitions members depends on the map. Yes, people text each other really often and espionage spies can intercept that. The only way we can do against it is to counter those and maybe chat on discord or global channel.
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    • If you join a game at random, you can still improvise forming an alliance in that game- limit of 3 for 25 player map, 4 for 50 player map, and 5 for 100 player map. Lots of players may wait 2 or 3 days before they join an alliance, which gives them time to evaluate what's going on in the game. And yes, communications between alliance players is important ... 8)
    • Thanks guys. I was just curious on whether people in an alliance match even bothered with forming coalitions but just instead use the share map, share intelligence feature.

      Also thought it would be a disadvantage if one alliance team was using the COW messaging ( which can be intercepted ) while another team is all set up using a forum for communication away from prying eyes. Would be a waste of espionage money for the first team and a little unfair. Second team could even send disinformation out on the COW messaging while communicating the real stuff outside COW.

      Still worth having spys out there for the revealing of armies and stuff but can one even trust the communictions?

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    • ender611 wrote:

      are the coalitions still limited to 3?
      An alliance vs alliance challenge is a team type game, with two teams, one from each alliance. No coalitions.

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      How about I create 5 accounts
      This is a violation of the terms of service. Each user may own one account and one account only. Sharing accounts with another player is also prohibited.
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    • I know it would be crazy if I'm playing single players with one country and I don't want five accounts anyway but I think the programmers here could create game maps with an alliance feature where....

      25 country map has 8 openings. Each player chooses one country. Once 8 countries are chosen, each of the players would pick a 2nd country, then once complete a third country. Now the players have a choice of forming coalitions.
      A three player coalition would have 9 countries in it.

      50 country map...choose 4 countries. 12 players.

      I would play it but do you guys think others would be interested in seeing that game option?