I'm looking to join a quality alliance

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    • I'm looking to join a quality alliance

      Greetings to all. I've been playing call of war for around 18 months now and I'm wanting more from the game with regards to joining an ACTIVE alliance. My current alliance has had no organisation or interaction what so ever. No alliance games, nothing. So I'm looking to move on to an active alliance, take part in alliance matches and such.

      I'm a middle aged gamer who has played many similar games over the years starting with Perfect General in 1991 on the Commodore Amiga. Anyone remember that? :tumbleweed: :D

      Ideally I'd like to join a well organised mature alliance that is active, interactive and one that does NOT require the discord server. It's very frustrating that many alliances require the use of this external platform.
      I'm currently level 79 with a KD of 1.7, I'm highly active and available to put in many hours of game play,
      I almost always have high command. I've been a lone wolf in this game long enough and I look forward to joining an alliance where I can find trusted interaction and support.

      I'd like to hear from any alliance that can relate to my post.

      Thanks PJROBBO.
    • My alliance requires communication as an integral part of working together as a team, and we use Discord for that communication.
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    • You will find most active alliances require members to join their discord servers. It is a far superior method of communication to the in game chats. Bytro's newest game, Conflict of Nations, uses discord instead of the chats used in Call of War and Supremacy 1914. If I were looking to join a new alliance, I personally would not join an alliance that did not have a discord server.
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    • Just me still in the stone age then. I'll take that as two noes. I had better look deeper into discord although I'm not sure it's for me and reviews on security are conflicting. I've no idea how it operates.
      I certainly like to communicate with my team mates/ alliance members during games but having to do it via another running background app doesn't thrill me.

      Thanks for the responses.
    • Have you even tried discord, it is a chat system, far better than the in game system. Bytro trusts it. They used it themselves. Bytro uses it for support staff communications system. Bytro also uses in for their newest game Conflict of Nations and does not have the chat's at the lower left part of the screen on that game. Don't knock it until you try it.
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    • OutKast wrote:

      You will find most active alliances require members to join their discord servers.
      I agree ... I have been asked to join a couple of alliances and they both used discord servers ... The only reason I have not joined is that I'm still on the learning curve and I feel that I need to get better at an efficient use of resources and troops ... :thumbup:
    • Alliance games require communication. Without it you have 0 chance. CoW does not offer a chat ability to compete in alliance games at all. You can’t send photos, chat length is limited, cannot @ or pin messages. Setting up a strategy that cannot be intercepted would be near impossible as the alliance chat or coalition chats that cannot be intercepted are far to limiting. I wish you the best in your endeavour but no high achieving alliance that competes in alliance games successfully will solely use CoW chat.
      I say this purely so you know that you need to change your expectations. Many alliances will not use discord, but they will be disorganised much like your current alliance and will never beat an alliance in a challenge they uses discord, Skype or an outside chat system. There is no way to even really organise who will play in a game let alone strategy. Even bytro uses discord for the support staff. If this message sounds harsh sorry but IMO it’s the truth. I don’t mean to be aggressive but simply to state the truth how I see it.

      However, if you change your mind feel free to apply for Regulators. (We use discord)

      I also challenge you to show me how one could effectively use solely CoW chat to organise an alliance and strategy. Let alone recruitment.
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    • Dear Mr.Old Fart... Get over it... Join and reap the benefits. I am Old, and cautious of things I am unfamiliar with, when I was first introduced to Discord back in my SC2 days, I was very reluctant and standoffish about it... until a buddy simply said... give it a try for a week,learn to use it a bit and I promise you will never look back. He was right. Was waking up the other morning and checking on my games and noticed that there were 3 msgs in the Alliance tab, I remember actually chuckling and thinking to myself... :huh: do peeps still use that. Or you can be that guy... "I will not use it, no ,no ,no" :wallbash Sincerely, Fellow Old Fart