naval anti air support to landings

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    • You can search for similar threads on the top right hand corner search function. @m1tanker632 To be honest I am not sure but a while ago, some people were complaining in the forum about enemy planes flying near/over the AA without any damage but some say they do damage so I am confused too.
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    • The close combat radius of all attacks is 5 km, so if a direct attack is done on a disembarking unit at the shoreline, any AA or ship within that 5 km will return fire, damaging the plane.

      If there is excessive space between the disembarking unit and their support units the enemy might be able to patrol precisely enough that the fragile disembarking units are within the patrol circle and the supporting units are not.

      Naturally there are times that your ability to move naval units closer to shore is disrupted by the automatic snap distance. On desktop this can be circumvented by holding Ctrl key when moving a unit.
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