Diplomacy with A.I

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    • Diplomacy with A.I

      I think there should be a way to make deals and other diplomatic choices like you can with another player: maybe you could this the same way as feared nations in the newspaper where if you are feared they would be more reluctant to province trades etc.I don't know if other people have suggested this however i think that it would be a nice touch to the game.
    • Teburu wrote:

      They already put stuff on the market
      Indeed the market is the method by which the AI trades surplus resources for needed resources. When you purchase their items on the market this will improve your reputation is my understanding of the mechanic.

      James. D wrote:

      diplomatic choices
      When you change your relation with an AI to Right of Way or Share Map, the AI will consider granting you a similar relation, depending on your reputation with them. There are of course things that damage your reputation and managing your reputation is a frequently discussed item here on the forum. Look for other threads about that.
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