Players that suicide should be banned

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    • I've seen this happen in the nuclear apocalypse map, some players nuked many of their active neighbors and just left afterwards. But outside of that map, it's hard to tell what kind of attack is a "suicide", I fell victim to this a few times where a losing country randomly invades me while they were at war against a 3rd country, but it's hard to tell weather this kind of move was a planned one, or some kind of strategy against the 3rd country, or just plain "I'll drag this guy along to my doom" move.
    • @Psjoe That might be a strategy. Why should they be punished? I know that they might have wasted your time but after all, this is a strategy game and that person has enough "power" to annihilate and kill himself at the same time which shows that he is pretty good!
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    • A highly active player frequently takes advantage of anyone who makes an offensive move and makes a surprise attack elsewhere. This may give the appearance of suicide but it is frequently just a matter of someone else taking an opportunity.

      If you suspect that there is some sort of cheating going on, you can report the player through the diplomacy menu and one of my game operators will investigate.
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    • Psjoe wrote:

      In the 10X speed game, have invested 18 hours serious play because of the speed. Only to have a player suicide against me. This type of behavior should be punished. What is my incentive to play again when this is allowed to happen?

      Psjoe...I agree with your comment....unless the person is intoxicated and that there are grounds to find that decision making is without any adequate yes...ban the c**s.
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    • Banning players for using any particular strategy is a bad direction to go in a strategy game. Next maybe we should start banning players who use doom stacks? Maybe ban players who are too inexperienced and use unsound strategies?

      I think not.

      You are better off learning to defend against these kinds of attacks. It is pretty common for a losing player to go for a last desperate attempt to strike at your production core sometimes throwing every last unit at you by maneuvering around your offensive units. If you have failed to create a good front line and a back up reserve or otherwise defend your core, you have been taught a valuable lesson.

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