Announcement Call of War 1.5 Balancing Overhaul #2

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    • Call of War 1.5 Balancing Overhaul #2

      Attention, generals!

      Enemy troops are closing in and combat is unavoidable. According to reports enemy contact is expected within only a few days. Time for a last briefing on the situation before defining your strategy for our second Call of War 1.5 test event!

      Unit balancing

      Taking your feedback from our first test event into account, we moved away from the rather unorthodox approach to operate units in historically inadequate roles. Although we like the idea, your first hand experience in combat situations and distates of the new roles showed us that we should change it. In order to keep up morale, units operate closer to their adequate roles in combat again.

      In the new test event we also reflected the feedback you gave us on unit progression. Many of you expressed that the progression between unit levels was too steep and the power gap between unit levels was too large. We took a look at it and adjusted the way units progress from level to level. In Friday's test event progression between a unit and the next more sophisticated version of unit will be smaller. The advanced version of the unit will still be much better, but not overpowered. The arms race will be slowed down significantly.

      Another hot topic of last event’s feedback was the ability to upgrade existing units once a higher level version was researched. This was on our wishlist as well, and we are happy to announce that this feature will now be available in the upcoming test event.

      We did also take a look at specialized focuses of units and diversified them. We reduced the defensive/offensive focus of some units, to allow player to utilize them more diversely. These units are now suitable for a wide range of combat situations than before.


      We are happy to inform you that we increased manpower, money and resources across the board for the next test. Your recruitment offices and industries will report record numbers, which will give you more manpower and overall resources in this battle.

      We significantly reduced costs of construction and production at the same time. We achieved this by removing certain materials needed for production completely! This means you will not need all available resources for each unit or building.

      This might allow you to fight the biggest battle the world has ever seen! Mind, that the enemy has similar means at hand.


      Another adjustment you will notice in this event is that you are able to produce any level of a unit in a level 1 building. However, producing a high level unit in a level 1 building will take quite some time and should only be seen as a measure of last resort. You should upgrade buildings whenever possible to reduce production time, but when the enemy is closing in and all your upgraded industries are occupied you are now able to produce high end equipment in the tiniest shack if needed.

      We did what we could! Now it is up to you to win the battle! We are very interested in any intel you may gain during the battle.

      Please also check the following forum posts for more details on the balancing overhaul and detailed feature descriptions. Please use this and those forum threads to provide your related feedback during the event. The Call of War Team will keep an eye on all of these threads.<br><br>
      We hope your like these changes and wish you all the best and lots of fun in our second test event for Call of War 1.5!

      Your Bytro team
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