Announcement CoW1.5 Event #2 - Detailed Feature descriptions

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    • CoW1.5 Event #2 - Detailed Feature descriptions

      Welcome to the secret forum, General!

      We hope nobody followed you. The fact that you consult us here, surely proves that you completed the general briefing issued for all generals. Let’s talk about some more details on what changes you can expect when facing the enemy in our second test event for Call of War 1.5.

      The following post describes which new features are added to the CoW 1.5 version playable in the second CoW 1.5 Event, coming from the first CoW 1.5 Event. This post does not describe all the changes from the current CoW 1.0 version to CoW 1.5. Those changes were explained in the news for the first CoW 1.5 Event.

      Unit upgrading:

      • Units on the map can now be manually upgraded to the highest level that was already researched.
      • A small icon in the army bar as well as a big “upgrade” action button indicate that an army contains an upgradeable unit.
      • Upgrading can be done everywhere on the map, except for land units which can’t upgrade on water. Upgrading flying units will prompt them to land before starting the upgrade.
      • To upgrade, click on the “upgrade” button, this will open a popup showing the resource costs, upgrade time and which units of the army will be upgraded.
      • Upgrading currently costs as much as the target level is costing to be produced, and is taking 50% of the minimum production time of the target level.
      • When multiple units are upgraded at the same time, the resource costs are summed up, while the time is not - instead the time value of the unit in the selection with the highest upgrade time is used.
      • When confirming the upgrade action, all eligible units in the selected army will split off from their army and start the upgrade process. This process can not be stopped.
      • During upgrading the upgrading units are immobile and can only defend, they can move again once the upgrading process is over.
      Production requirements & minimum production time

      • All unit levels can now be produced again with the first level of their production building.
      • Lower unit levels can not be produced anymore after a higher unit level was researched.
      • Higher unit levels have a vastly increased maximum production time.
      • The production buildings now grant a vast production speed boost to the units they are producing, to lower the long default production times of the higher unit levels.
      • Each unit has a minimum production time - the production time can not be lowered below this value.
      • Production times of lower unit levels can only be reduced slightly, if at all, while production times of higher unit levels can be lowered drastically.
      • In a nutshell: Upgrading production buildings is important when producing stronger units or higher unit levels.
      Interface changes

      • The province list is by default filtered to display only urban provinces, as these are the most important provinces for building an army. This also makes the province list of larger empires much less cluttered.
      • There is a button in the province list which toggles showing all provinces in the list on and off, for the occasional construction in non-urban provinces.
      • An “Ordnance” tab was added to the research and production menu, which includes the units produced in the Ordnance Foundry-
      Map look changes

      • Urban province now have a slightly darker texture and a thicker province border, to stand out from the surrounding provinces.
      • Resource icons and victory points are now displayed directly below provinces, to make it more clear which province they belong to.
      • Resource icons and victory points now have a semi-transparent squared background to make them stand out more.
      • The country flag is now displayed in the name label of the capital, for better visibility and style.
      • The capital label has now a slightly darker tone than the labels of other urban provinces.
      • When zooming out only the capital name will be displayed on the map, for a less cluttered view.
      • These changes only apply to the advanced graphics version (default version, can be toggled on/off in the game settings)
      For the changes on balancing, please visit this forum post

      General overview about changes from CoW1.0 to CoW1.5:
      For those of you who did not participate in the first CoW1.5 event:

      - Overhauled balancing: Different stats and costs for units & buildings & researches.
      - Level progression: Units get stronger when leveling up but also more expensive and take longer to produce.
      - Changed resource balancing: Resources have the same importance and are equally distributed in costs, research only costs manpower and money.
      - Unit functionality changes: Commandoes are stealth, more units can reveal stealth units.
      - Split armor class "Armored" into "Light Armor" and "Heavy Armor".
      - Revised production categories: Certain Inf units moved to the Inf category, certain support and counter units moved to new Ordnance category.
      - Units don't automatically upgrade, they can be manually upgraded.
      - Urban focus: Units and certain buildings only producible in urban provinces, Victory points only in urbans, resources concentrated more in urbans.
      - New production buildings only produce the units of their respective tech branch and need to be leveled up to reduce build times of stronger units.
      - Removed war morale penalty and province upkeep.
      - Removed nuclear sea units and nuclear reactor.
      - New combat mechanics: Armies don't lose units immediately when getting damaged, stack limits apply for the whole stack instead of individual units, severely damaged units become slower, combat tick happening every 30min, smaller random Factor.
      - Visual changes and interface changes that highlight urban provinces more.
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