Announcement Release Notes 2020-02-25

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    • Release Notes 2020-02-25

      Attention, Generals!

      We are counting the days until our second test event for Call of War 1.5.We already shared a lot about what you can expect this time around. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out the news on our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join the discussions on the forums. Apart from the preparations of the new test event, we also found the time for more graphical updates, bug fixes and general updates.

      One thing you might have noticed today is the brand new logo for Call of War and the new look and feel of the Call of War website and social media channels! As much as we loved the old logo, we figured that Call of War 1.5 needs a modern and matching branding. We hope you like it!

      We also finalized our graphical update and added new graphics for the remaining units, which didn’t get a facelift yet. You can read about those units and all other updates of today's release in the list below.

      Graphical Updates:
      • We updated the graphics for Flying Bombs.
      • We updated the graphics for Rockets.
      • We updated the graphics for Nuclear Rockets.
      • We updated the graphics for Nuclear Bombers.
      • We updated the graphics for Paratroopers.
      • We updated the graphics for Rocket Fighters.
      • We updated the graphics for the Paratrooper transport plane.
      • We added several new images to the loading screen rotation.
      • We added faction-specific battleship images to the game.
      • We updated the Call of War logo.
      • We updated the look and feel of the Call of War website and mobile app.
      NOTE: These graphical updates are only available when using advanced graphic settings.

      • We added industrial complexes to urban provinces in the Team Up event.
      Bug fixes:
      • We fixed an issue that caused the wrong image of SP Anti Air units being displayed on iOS and Android.
      • We resolved an issue that prevented the correct icons for Infantry units being displayed in the army bar on desktop.
      • We fixed an issue that prevented the updated images for Militia units being displayed.
      • We resolved an issue that caused the attack vector of ranged units only being displayed when hovering over or selecting it. Attack vectors of ranged units are now always displayed and are highlighted when you hover over or selecting them.
      • We fixed a bug that caused some members of High Command getting an incorrect error message when trying to create a new game.
      • We fixed an issue that allowed players to pick certain countries on the Historic World War map for 25 players that were supposed to be AI-exclusive.
      • We resolved an issue that caused upgrade/blueprint symbols being displayed for several non-elite units, although only elite units should show this symbol.
      • We resolved an issue that caused province borders to change brightness depending on terrain. Province borders now always have the same brightness, no matter the terrain. This change makes it easier to identify borders on the map.
      • We fixed an issue that caused the AI to send land units to the middle of the ocean and park them there.
      • We resolved an issue that caused music and sound being automatically switched on again, when switching browser tabs.
      We hope you like all these changes and are as excited to start testing the new updated version of Call of War 1.5 during our test event this weekend!

      Best of luck on the battlefield!

      Your Bytro Team
      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War
    • OMG, can't believe there is no-one who commented on this yet. Love the new graphic updates as I just woke up 2 hours ago and saw the new nuke and commando graphics. The rockets are awesome! Although Germany just declared war on me. Well looks like the picking AI countries are not possible anymore.
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      Training Alliance Leader
    • Hi guys, just a reminder before this event goes live to keep this thread polite and constructive and about how 1.5 can be improved.
      Please do not insult other players for their opinions as everyone here wants the same thing (for 1.5 to be as fun as possible).

      When giving feedback don’t just say, “I don’t like it.” Be constructive and say what you don’t like, why you don’t like something and how you would fix/improve it. And if you enjoy something add that as well.

      Enjoy the event.
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      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh
    • hi i was wondering if we're getting a new unit update after the official 1.5 update for upgrading unit models, like i upgrade the Tiger tank lvl 1 to a Panzer VII Löwe lvl 2 tank image, then to the Panzer VI Königstiger lvl 3, and finally to the Panzer VIII Maus lvl 4 tank image, this would be a great addition to the game since we're going to be running around with a few heavy tanks that are different lvls and same with all other units from the armored, air, ordinance and the infantry tab and if you cant can you update just the air and armored.

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    • freezy wrote:

      Having a different image for every level would be a bit too much unfortunately (high workload and high memory consumption) but currently we are thinking about at least providing one additional image for each unit, that represents a higher or lower tier, so that you see some progress.
      In fact, I already think about it before. CoW has new and old skins. So it's possible to have a tier 1 and 2 skins. As memory cache, mobile may has problems if there are too many type skins. But computer should not have problem. And setting button can switch performence to higher or lower. If Bytro want to upgrade graphic further more. Should not have problem too.