pls answer me

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    • pls answer me

      It's not clear to me on the history map. Why the core provinces of the UK are much richer in oil and other resources than the provinces of the USSR? It is also illogical that the USSR has a technologically backward army in the start compared to other major powers. UK having much more food,oil and metals than the USSR really doesn't make sense to have a more advanced war machine ...
    • History doesn't always have to make sense. ;)

      With the historical map an effort was made to simulate the strength and composition of the various nations in 1939. Multiple historical articles and texts describe the Russian army as being large but poorly equipped, largely having weapons left over from WW1 still in active service.

      In terms of economic output, The UK, Germany, and Russia were all comparably equal prior to the war, while the United States had an economy as large as all 3 added together.

      So the starting positions on the map fit with what I know of the history of the era, although I am by no means an expert.
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    • But at the very beginning of the war, the Russians had T34 and KV-1 tanks, of which the T-34 was equal to the German Pz-3 and Pz-4, while the KV-1 was better than them! It should also be noted that the Western powers did not have nearly as good tanks. The other important thing is the artillery in which the Russians were straight to the Germans and better than the Western powers too. A little rebalancing would be welcome as far as this is concerned. The USSR industry was weak at the moment, but it had the potential to outperform all industries, especially the military industry that, shortly after WW2, even during the war itself, became the largest military industry in the world, even larger than the American one!