Best Map for Role-play

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    • Best Map for Role-play

      After playing 7 games on the tutorial, I moved on to the 1939 historical map- thinking it would be a good place to practice for WW2 role-play games. But I heard from someone that the Europe (Road to War-1932) is a good alternative.

      What map do you consider the best map for WW2 role-play?
    • Well the 10p Road to War is definitely a good option as the Soviet Union is united and the countries are pretty solid, but if you have a good amount of active players, the 25p Historical Map is definitely the best. The countries' military are generally similar to the time of 1939 (except I think Germany is too strong), they have a full world map, and there are more players = more involvement. If you have lots of players to RP together, then 25p is the best choice. If only 2 or 3 players, then 10p works well too.
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