25p map- cold war mode

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    • 25p map- cold war mode

      The 25p historicaly accurate map is good and very popular, but i think the bytro team arent exploit the maps popularity properly. My idea is the same map but with the historical accurate borders and armyes of 1950 + all the technologyes are unlocked for the players. Also it could be similar than the doomsday event, because a lots of nations would have nukleal weapons.
      of course the united states and the soviet union would be the strongest powers on this map, but also the game would be more balanced in asia, by making india, communist china and japan equaly strong.
      Reflecting the histroical wars of the era, the 2 korea, vietnam, israel and egypt could be playable.
      Also your starting provinces could be well developed right at the begining , making the earlygame easyer.

      so all at once
      - 1950 historical borders
      - 7 nations get nuclear weapons (usa, ussr, uk, france, china, india and pakistan)
      - all technologyes unlocked
    • well yeah, if the american and russian player decide to team up with each other, that could result a serious inbalance of the game. And balancing it is a hard question.
      On global level it cant be balanced, since the colonial empires collapsed, and only the us and ussr would get their histrorical puppet states land as their own, but it could be balanced with strong continental powers

      Do not imagine this ar as a 1v1 between the US and Russia, imagine that this war is the korean war, the decolonization wars, the vietnam war, the arab israeli wars and the cuban crisis all in one map.

      Unit sizes
      USSR- 150-10
      US- 120-15
      China- 80- 7
      France- 70-5
      UK- 70- 5
      India- 70- 5
      Pakistan 60- 3
      North Korea 20 -1
      West Germany-60-0
      Japan- 60
      Algeria- 30
      South Africa- 30
      Canada- 40
      Mexico- 40
      Brazil- 30
      Argentina- 30
      Australia- 30
      Spain- 30
      South Korea- 20

      Here is all the 25 playable nation

      The USSR would start like 50 units in europe- 40 in cental asia, 50 in far asia and 10 in africa, so they would been overpowered nearly everywhere.
      The US would start with 40 units in america, 40 in asia, 20 in europe and 20 in africa, so would been equal with mexico and canada, would be just able to defend their provinces in asia.

      africa would been an intresting scenario, only algeria, egypt and south africa would been playable here + the soviets the americans, the brits and the french gets some land here, but most of africa is controlled by the AI
    • Of course, realistically speaking, balancing it is impossible. But I think you should have to develop your country first. Those countries should have the research and not the unit ready because that will make them too strong. Big countries cannot team up together and you are not allowed to choose your country. If you team up with the big countries and attack small countries, it will ruin the other players stats and be very unfair for him.
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    • Well i wrote the unit sizes down just to represent how would i imagine the balance of powers on the map. I dont realy want to get into the details of how could or couldnt work the map, i am sure that the developers would know it, if they considering my idea.
      The whole point of the idea to make a similar map than the 25p historic world war map, but making it about not just the 3rd world war, but making it full with intresting challanges and wars. For example i think such nations like israel and north korea would be very popular on the map, also the map would benefit to the roleplayers as well.

      About ruining the other players game, i think it is what we do in every game. You have to ruin someones game to achieve the victory.
    • I'm on my seventh straight game on the historical map, playing South Africa (a US ally). Germany, a very experienced player with 90 wins, is running the board (after wiping out a lot of newbies in Europe (Poland, France, Russia,Greece, Italy, and Turkey- who spent more time fighting each other instead of Germany). Though slightly ahead in conventional military, Germany is ahead of us in the nuclear arms race- a scary scenario had Nazi Germany developed the bomb first. It seems like the Cold War starting in the middle of WW2!

      The Korean War started in 1950. It would be interesting in two 5 country teams would face each other simulating the situation back then. On one side you would have the Comintern Block (Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Poland, Romania?) vs. the Western block (US, UK, France, Turkey, Australia?). However, this scenario may require some coding by the CoW developers. For this purpose, an update of the 39 map may be more practical than using the tutorial. I suspect that this could be a long game, with the possibility of the use of nukes and mutual destruction ... :(