Invincible German Subs?

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    • Invincible German Subs?

      Invincible German Subs Game in Game 3,030,465 ... Seems that whenever I come up with fleet of Battleships, Cruisers and destroyers (all level 6) vs German subs (2 to 1 power my favor) I get my butt kicked ... Occurring now for 2nd time! ... The player seems to be pretty good, but this odd results in sea battles in his favor makes it looked rigged ... :(
    • I doubt that ... I played this game enough times to spot an anomaly ... I'm doing fairly well with this adversary everywhere else ... Part of the joy of playing the game was the combined arms coordination required ... But if my navy is useless against invincible German subs in the 39 map vs. this particular adversary, the joy goes out of the game ... Ironically I can still got a chance win because of the ground and air warfare, but I find it annoying that I can not use sea lanes when I engage him (and one of my allies) and lose all the time- with German subs hardly taking any damage ... I may be tempted to take a sabbatical from Call of War until this issue gets fixed ... :tumbleweed:
    • You always need to use the range of your destroyers to attack subs without getting counter attacked by the subs. Forming a single group of ships of the combined sizes is inherently weak due to the 3 bombardment ranges in the group.

      Place two groups of ships close to each other so that each can cover the other one.

      Sweeping the submarines out of an area either involves sending out a decoy and following with destroyers to pounce when the sub attacks, or revealing the subs with naval bombers on patrol or with spies, and sending destroyers to bombard them. Again if you have other units like battleships you will attack subs with only the battleships at the maximum range of battleships and this is ineffective.
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    • Thank you for your comments f118 and VorlonFCW! ... Apparently 'these complexities" and the X factor contributed to the combined Allied navy losses to an expert naval player in Germany in Game 3,030,465 ... Hopefully, my American ally will not quit the game- has been MIA for the last 24 hours ...

      I believe that most people new to the game are not familiar with the complexities of naval combat- perhaps we need a beginner's guide to naval combat in CoW ... This may reduce drop out ratio by some of the beginners frustrated with the complexities of naval warfare ... Any volunteers? for a 'Beginner's guide to naval combat in CoW' ... 8)