Value for gold

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    • Value for gold


      Just had a problem with the gold to materials process.

      It said that I should have received 5,000 rare materials, etc per 2,500 gold being spent, however I have only received 5 rare materials. The same was true for money as well and I only received 15 instead of 15,000

      At first I thought I was getting the materials and kinda tapped 4 times on rare materials before realising I had only received 20 materials. I then tapped once for money, only gaining 15 money.

      I then tried a different game and only received 5 metal.

      I still have gold in my account, but dont want to spend any more with the risk that it wont give me the required items.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • It most cases the player has units/buildings queued in their high command production list.
      The resources would have been used straight away and not show.
      Any new buildings/units being produced.

      Check to make sure that this is not the case, if not. Then write a bug/support ticket so we can look in to it further.

      Press cog/more button (bottom right of your screen), press the bug and report.