Call of war players: please stop doing this.

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    • Call of war players: please stop doing this.

      So let’s say that you have made a new friend in a match, his stats are good and OP

      you and him had a great time chatting, but suddenly, war was declared, your friends attacked you,betraying you

      You suddenly feel a sad sensation in your head
      You are heart broken.

      Guys plz stop betraying you friends in call of war please, if you betray your only friend, you will become lonely

      Keep in mind this is not a complaint, but a lesson to other players
    • I don't like this. But it is reality in this game that some players have no morals.

      HOWEVER, there is a simple solution. Make your own private blacklist of players that you can't trust. Also, make a private whitelist of players that you know you can trust. Experience will teach you that unless you know someone by reputation, or are on your private whitelist, trust only as far as you can verify.

      Now, since the TOS prevents us from posting public blacklists in the forums, chats, or world herald (and ONLY those three sources), we can make our blacklists publicly available on third party forums or on Skype or Discord, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the TOS allows one to post the address of those blacklists here. But you can post an address of a site where you and/or your "club" members have outside contact. What you do on those outside sites is none of Bytro's business and it's allowed to post them here.

      One such example that I'm a part of (though I don't have any blacklist published there), is the "Pax Romanica Hub" Discord site, which is manned by some of the earliest players of Call of War (like myself) and has a large number of players who frequent that site, even though the actual "Pax Romanica" alliance in Call of War is very limited in size (and there might be two or three of them on CoW, right now).

      Anyway, you have to keep your blacklists to yourself on this site (Bytro's Call of War). But there's no rule saying you can't post a whitelist of players that you know you can trust. However, such a list might make more sense on a personal basis since one player might be trustworthy to their friends, while another is trustworthy in all matches to whomever they ally with (the high-moral players, like myself).

      Anywho, that's as much as you can expect in this game. The TOS has lots of arbitrary rules that need to be loosened or eliminated altogether. But Bytro's staff vehemently does not like letting those discussions happen in the public areas of this site, even though ONLY the public areas are appropriate for such discussions (ironic, huh?).