The Carthusian Cavalry is Looking for Members

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    • The Carthusian Cavalry is Looking for Members

      UPDATE: This alliance is no longer live as I've found another suitable alliance.

      We are a brand new alliance and are looking to develop an active membership. We are currently only recruiting players level 20 or higher. My reasoning for this is that even a decent performance in your first (tutorial) game can get you well past level 20. For this same reason we will also not be very harsh in sorting out applications based on stats such as captured/lost or k/d ratio, as after only one or two games it is likely that one still has some learning to do.

      An important note is that we plan on using discord as a communications platform thanks to its organized and intuitive nature and its versatility for effectively sharing information between team members. My past experience with this strategy has been a positive one to say the least.

      Also note that this is mainly aimed at being a casual alliance and until we grow in numbers and experience we will most likely not be accepting alliance v. alliance challenges. Instead, this will give players teammates that they can rely on going into a game, as opposed to diving in solo and hoping for the best.

      So if you please, apply with the Carthusian Cavalry today.

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