Idea for improved land fighting

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    • Idea for improved land fighting

      1) When land units come into contact they cannot escape until one of the two armies win the fight. I found it forced and unrealistic as a thing, but understandable for the balance of the game. For which I would propose the insertion of a support unit, whose name can be "Supplies". It may be present either as an infantry unit, with an image of a wagon towed by an horse/donkey, either as a motorized unit, does not need explanation, and either as an armored unit, here can be any ammunition transport wagon. The task of this unit is to increase the percentage Condition of the armies (5% at level 1, increasing more and more with search up to a maximum of 45% down, to you the balance). It possesses few wound points and a very scarce if not nothing offensive and defensive ability.
      It can be produced with a level 1 barracks (at the end they are ammunition for Jupiter!).

      So far this has come to mind, I'll be very happy to talk about it.
    • I prefer the idea of being allowed to retreat, though with the condition that you'd lose some strength on the retreat and that you might lose anyway. Also, hitting would force your unit to flee non-stop to the nearest province that you or an ally controls, and you have no ability to affect the retreating army until it reaches that nearest province's control point.

      In the case of amphibious units or if you have only coastline available to retreat to (because you can't retreat to an enemy or neutral province), then you'd have to go back to the sea, and face all the vulnerabilities that that would entail.

      Also, if you are surrounded on all sides, retreating to a neutral province might be a feasible option, with the caveat either that this triggers war with the neutral player, or maybe that you have a 50/50 chance that your army will defect to that neutral player (in which case you lose control of it, entirely).

      Retreat is the only acceptable option. Having a visible resupply unit would just overly-complicate the battlefield, whereas a retreat option is highly realistic and would have penalties to prevent abuse of this feature.