Return of the Kaiser RP

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    • Return of the Kaiser RP

      Welcome one and all to the Return of the Kaiser RP. This Roleplay is based on Turks previous 1925 RP (With his permission.) I hope you enjoy the role play and look forward to your applications.

      Quick selection of nations to join as:

      Africa, British
      North Sudan
      South Sudan
      Africa, French
      Equatorial Gabon
      Upper Volta
      French Sudan
      Australian Civil War
      Queensland [British Loyalists]
      New South Wales [Patriots]
      Western Australia [Nationalists]

      General Rules:
      • No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round, unless you receive prior permission from Forgotten_Marshal (For example, to help with Landswape). Rule breaches will result in being removed from the round.

      • A day in game represents 1 Season (3 Months). The game will start in Winter of 1925
      Winter- (December, January, February)
      Spring- (March, April, May)
      Summer- (June, July, August)
      Fall- (September, October, November)

      • Forgotten_Marshal reserves the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, or to penalize players for rulebreaks. I can easily aquire and use over 1,000,000 gold mark if required.

      • When the game first starts, we will be focused on completing the LS. As such, only articles describing what has occured from 1918-1925 leading upto where your nation is today should be posted

      • Coalitions are to be “Empire Based”. This means that unless you are a vassal of another country, you should not be in a coalition with another nation. However, it is advised and recommended for smaller nations to create a coalition with just themselves if their country name does not match the nation they play as and to show the historical flag (Unless it goes against the TOS like Germany)

      • You are not allowed to Meat Shield. This means combining landtransports with war vessels to increase their protection.

      • All alliances are to be made public. Military Alliances which are not made public will not be considered valid for calling in allies to war. To limit/stop the formation of super military alliances, I would like to ask you all to not form excessive alliances with those around you.

      • Military Alliances must have an agreed upon end date announced, and can only last for up to 10 years
      • Vassals are not allowed to fight their overlords, share intel with external sources, or trade outside of the stock market without their overlords permission. If anyone is found to be encouraging this behavior they may also be punished
      • Vassals are permitted to request for external agents to intervene on their behalf and grant them independence. However, if caught the overlord is within their rights to demand compensation.

      • Be Respectful towards one another in all circumstances and situations. Being historical enemies or someone being mean in another round does not mean you can carry it here.

      Civil War Rules:
      • All Civil Wars begin when announced on the Newspaper. Players are permitted to post articles and RP the civil war from that point onward.
      • All Civil wars will officially go on until Winter 1935, and All factions are untouchable by outside powers until that date. After that moment they are subject to regular rules and regulations, considered officially independent, also having their own separate tech trees.
      • Civil war factions are still limited to rp tech restrictions and can upgrade their technology in the same manner as all other nations only after the civil war period ends.
      • Nations are at constant war with each other upon game start. This does not necessarily mandate changing your diplomatic status to war as it would ruin your morale.
      • Nations are to provide a constant Share Map with Forgotten_Marshal (Germany) for confirmation that all rules are followed. This will be ongoing during the entire course of the civil war
      • Factions cannot be attacked by any nation and/or groups outside of their respective civil war (EX: Chinese factions cannot take Russian land).
      • Factions within the civil wars are not permitted to attack any nation outside of their civil conflict borders until 1938
      • Outside nations are permitted to trade resources, but these must have the following prerequisites:

      1. The trade including the resource amounts must be posted
      2. You cannot provide loans to a civil war faction, after all they may not be around to pay their loan in a year.
      3. The trade must be viable by both nations. Forgotten_Marshal can veto the trade if it seems too one sided

      Capitulating a civil war nation:
      If one of the following is true, you have capitulated the other civil war faction:
      1. The enemy capital has fallen and remained in your hands for more then 12 hours
      2. You occupy more than 60% of their territory
      3. All enemy military units have been destroyed, and they are unable to defend themselves

      If any of these are true, please follow the capitulation rules under War Rules for the process of a nation LSing into a new country.

      War Rules:
      • All Wars [Aside from Civil Wars] are to be declared at least 6 hours prior to any military contact. If this rule is broken, no allies are permitted to aid the attacker. Unless, another nation not bound by a military treaty joins the conflict against the attacker.

      • All Conflicts are to be made public and declared through the Newspaper, before the 6 hour mobilization period can start. This can be made in the form of an ultimatum, or through a direct declaration. The title of the article on the newspaper must include X declaring war on Y or some similar format. The War Goal must also be included in the article declaring war. If this is not done, Forgotten_Marshal reserves the right to void your war, or inhibit allies from aiding the attacker.

      • A War Declaration must be at least 200 words in length. They are significant events that will change the course of the game and your nation. As such, they must be of an appropriate length. They must also include the caucus bali of why you are declaring war in the first place

      In all wars, there are two war leaders: one aggressor and one defender. If either leader loses its capital, that war is an automatic victory for the opposing side. All nations are forced to come to diplomatic negotiation. Those who continue conflict will be penalized or removed from the round entirely.

      • Any non vassal nation can sue for peace separately from other members of the alliance. However, this does not apply if you have agreed not to sign separate peace treaties or if you are the last member of the alliance not to capitulate and are the war leader. As soon as your nation is forced to capitulate, you lose all votes and rights in determining the peace treaty.

      Capitulation is when your nation is no longer able to continue the fight and you must come to the negotiating table. This occurs when one of the following is true:

      1. The capital has fallen and remained in enemy hands for more than 8 hours
      2. More than 60% of your territory has been occupied
      3. All of your military units have been destroyed.

      When this occurs, one of the following options will occur:

      1. You are forced to comply with the demands of your adversary.
      2. (If you are a civil war faction or a victim of territory demands that would leave you less then 3 provinces) You must contact the Admin Forgotten_Marshal to select a different country to LS into.

      After an opponent has capitulated all hostile action must stop against them immediately. You are also not permitted under any circumstance to take the last province of an enemy player without prior authorization from the main admin. In the event the opponent has no armies left, they will be permitted to build a barracks on that last province and a group of militia to complete their LS with. The Admin will provide the required resources.

      What reasons can I declare a war:
      • Acquire Territory: This is the default war goal for all non-civil war nations at war. You may capture up to 6 provinces with this Wargoal.

      • Annexation: After a nation surrenders, this will occur if the surrendering nation is less than 6 provinces, or if World Tension has reached 100%.

      • Civil War: Exclusive to Nationalist/Republican Spain and all civil war factions, when fighting each other. Those using this war goal will receive the full territory.

      • Acquire Satellite State : Vassalise the target nation. No provinces can be captured with this wargoal. Vassals cannot declare independence.

      • Install Government: Converts target country into an independent democracy or a Socialist Satellite of a Socialist country

      • Wilson interventionism- You fight to free a single Vassal from another country and grant them their independence

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    • World Tension Rules:
      • World Tension represents the overall level of fear and anxiety that exists among the nations of the World. The number displayed can be between 0% and 100%.

      • Total World Tension can be higher than 100%, but there are no additional effects beyond the 100% limit—the overflow instead acts as a "buffer" against events that decrease Tension.

      • The level of World Tension has several impacts on the roleplay, in particular allowing or limiting political decisions or more. Generally, the higher the World Tension, the more popular support nations have for taking actions.

      • Civil War Factions are exempt from world tension during their civil wars. If a Civil war lasts for more than 2 years, it will generate +3 world tension per year

      • Some events increase or decrease the world tension. It is upto the players that the event involves if they occur unless otherwise specified. These events will also show how much they increase or decrease world tension.

      Standard events that affect World tension:
      Declaring War- +5%
      Forming a Defensive alliance- +2%
      Guaranteeing Independence- -5%

      • Tech rules

      • You cannot build more units then your nation is allowed to as defined in…6rcOLLfQ/edit?usp=sharing unless they are your starting units (Including fighters or LS units)
      • You cannot build units before the specified time as defined in…6rcOLLfQ/edit?usp=sharing
      • You can increase the level of your weapons by opening a weapons trade with a more Advanced Nation. However, you can only have 1 arms trade per Industrial center. (this applied to both nations in the trade)
      • The country you are purchasing the equipment from must have at least 1 of that unit type built
      • For the trade to take effect, it must be posted in the Daily European
      • You can only increase the total numbers of troops you can support with the admin's approval. Once per week, the 3 players with the highest quality posts will be allowed to increase a unit limit of their choice by 5.
      • After forming an arms deal with a country, you are unable to attack them for 2 years as you search for alternative weapons/ production sources

      World War Rules
      • The Number of units you can support of each type increases by 10 until World tension falls back under 100% (As long as you could build 1 of that unit type to begin with).
      • You are free to perform diplomatic actions unrestricted by World tension

      In-Game Name:
      Discord name & number:
      Have you read the game info (Y/N)
      Do you understand and accept all rules? (Y/N)
      Top 3 Nations Requested:
      Your sample article:

      IF you have questions regarding the rules or about ideologies, please DM me and I can give you the info to join the group channel hosting this Roleplay.