Playing South Africa in 39 Map

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    • Playing South Africa in 39 Map

      In my last game I played South Africa in the 39 Historical Map. I had played 6 games in this map and I don't recall anybody ever playing South Africa! But I recalled that the World Herald always placed South Africa among the top nations in terms of economic leadership. So, I gave it a try.

      By its isolation, I knew that I would not get wiped out by a super-power early in the game. As a matter of fact, I took over Portugal's and Belgium's neighboring colonies early in the game- Zaire (old Belgian Congo) having some decent resources to feed my economy. But once I took over Zaire, any good provinces rich in resources seemed a long way from me- most of the land between me and resource rich North African provinces been poor in resources. I did not win the game- the honor going to America Erwache's top notch player Matthias Khan. But I did finish second- which was good considering the quality player that won ... 8)