Why Pacific map is better that the American map (50 player map)

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      In the pacific map, once a rival coalition occupied the whole US and mine almost all of Asia-Oceania. My allies tried to attack all over the west coast without success, so I've quietly build up a strong expeditionary force and an escort fleet while the Americans were distracted by my allies. I carefully navigated my forces north, without giving obvious commands since the enemies were spying on me. I successfully landed on northeastern Canada and caused havoc on their rear lines, although my little stunt itself was a distraction, my allies finally were able to land on the west coast, and we soon overrun the Americans.

      Well impressive strategic boasting aside, the untold morale of the story here is: the Asian side had more countries, therefor more resources and industries. The Americans actually did held on their own impressively, but it was a war of attrition and we won. The pacific map isn't that balanced, nor it is about grand naval battle much. Most of the focus is about conquering the continent(s), no time to build navies to conquer little islands. More so for the American side, the better islands are mostly closer to the Asian side, so they can't get much naval foothold without an Asian ally.

      The American home front map to me is more balanced, and great at focusing land warfare. My story from above were before the America home front map were released, the Pacific map used to be my favorite, but now it's the American one (more specifically the Arms Race event).