New achievements ideas!

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    • Perhaps the existing achievements could have higher levels available than three apiece. Bronze, silver, and gold isn't enough. They have an unrealistic set of levels for rankings (from Recruit to General of the Armies), and most of those levels will never be achieved by most players of this game (except for a handful of rich players who spend gobs of money on millions of Gold to buy victories left and 2/3rds. of the top 20 players).

      Well, if we're going to have unrealistic experience points needed to rank up to the top, then why not add equivalent rewards for those of us who refuse to buy Gold on the principle that makes unbalanced this MULTIPLAYER game. Instead of just bronze, silver, and gold medals, they need to add platinum and palladium medals, maybe also gems, like rubies, emeralds, and diamond awards. Sticking to military models, they could add leaf clusters and various specialty insignia for specialty achievements.

      Here's an idea. Why not create some special achievements that can only be selected by a choice between one path and another? Similar to not being able to research all techs in most matches, there could be a choice of achievement directions that reflect your gaming styles. For example, you could have one path that emphasizes defensive units. Another path emphasizes armored units. And another path might emphasize artillery units. The way these achievements could be lined up would make for logical path choices. Like, you might never focus heavily on Aircraft AND on Navy at the same time, because that would leave your armies pathetic and you'd never win. So having an achievement that goes air-focused vs. naval-focused would steer you on that path.

      Oh, and here's a cool idea. How about letting those achievement choices affect the costs for both research and construction of units and/or buildings in all your matches (just like blueprints affect all matches that you play). So, if you focus on a naval path of achievements, then naval power comes a little bit cheaper for you in your matches. The same would be true for the Manpower requirements if you went a footsoldier achievement path, where you could get a reduction in Manpower for all Foot soldiers by maybe 15%. There are lots of ways these achievement paths could be implemented....and this could spice up the game a lot better than the so-called CoW 1.5 [mod] version [which breaks the game too much].