Ability to retreat

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    • Ability to retreat

      I have played this game for quite some time now, and I would like to make a suggestion which I think you will find useful. In real-life, armies would have the ability to retreat from enemy forces. However, in this game, when attacking, you are not allowed to retreat once you are engaged in battle. I would like to make a suggestion of adding a new feature to the game which would allow retreating. Since this game is supposed to be as realistic as a game could be, it would be great if you add this feature. Whenever armies retreat however, you can add a penalty of maybe 20 percent of the units, as in real life, they would be firing at them while they are trying to flee. I dont know if this has been suggested before, but I feel that this would be a great idea. You can add the ability to retreat when in battle in the menu where it gives all the options to move, attack, forced march, add target etc. I know people may be using this feature a lot or way to much, so feel free to add anything else, such as a higher penalty. Thanks! :D
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    • Currently, Bytro lab is not far from that option. Have you ever tried to move a ship across the ocean and all of a sudden it's attacked? Well, as far as I know, if you do not command the ship any other order, the ship will keep moving, and if it's strong enough to endure the another ship attack, then it will be free of fighting in at least an hour. It's not the same with land units, but with that ship's feature, I think we have a cornerstone for the retreat function hehe 8)
    • That's true when it's being fired upon, similar to moving land units being fired upon by artillery. However, when melee combat starts (units in the same spot or very close together), either on sea or land, neither side can retreat.
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