New Map Mode

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    • New Map Mode

      I have a suggestion for a new game mode. It will be set on the 1939 Historic World War map. But all nations will be playable and it will be on x4 speed. It will last for at maximum 48 real time days and players would be flagged as inactive after 3 real life days. All starting proviences will have lvl. 2 industrial complex lvl. 2 Infunstructure lvl. 2 barracks lvl. 1 airfield and lvl. 3 fortifications. The starting resourses would be as follows for every nation
      1,500,000 money
      50,000 rare materials
      100,000 goods
      100,000 food
      100,000 manpower
      500,000 oil
      250,000 metal

      It would be player selection. Coalitions would be able to hold 5 members.
      Coalition victory 3,500 points
      Solo Victory 2,300 points
      Coalition victory - 7,000 gold reward
      Solo Victory - 15,000 gold + player score in gold. So roughly 17,300 gold for a solo victory.
      I understand that this would be really easy. That is why I think everyone should start out with this. It would have 1939 borders. You would start out with a heavy tank in every city. Other than that no more units starting out.
      Please tell me what you think. And Bytro could you try to implement this and make it an event.