An idea for these days. Bytro lab, please do it!

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    • An idea for these days. Bytro lab, please do it!

      I'm agree and I'm excited with the benefit that Bytro lab is giving us in order for us to enjoy these days in house, but I have a suggestion: 2x speed on all the maps! and put available again the event map of 1939 x4, so we can take advantage of this gift Bytro is giving us!

      The benefits of being a high command is not that great if you play on maps with 1x speed, because you won't feel the difference (the greatest benefit of being a high command is the queue option, which let you seize the time), but in a map with 4x speed... things are different...

      So that's my suggestion, I hope bytro team read this and take it into account :D 8)
    • What most players don't like is the fact that in maps with higher speed, you need to be more active, but with high command available, no one will need to be THAT active anymore! because with queue options, rally points and advanced fire controls, you can give orders in advance, so you won't need to return to the game for those things (which are the things why most people need to return in order to seize the time).

      As I'm staying home, my work has become busier than before (and also games with 1x speed are TOO boring), but I believe it would be cooler if Bytro could raise the game speed.
    • Yes, that is a way. Keep in mind that some of them like me may no longer me young active ones. Remember that this is a strategy game that requires constant planning. Even if you have high command. You could produce units at high speed but there will not be anyone to command it which is the same issue. I suggest having some 2X speed games not for all games but selected ones and remember that we still have events coming up with 4 times speed.
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    • In response to the issue you were saying... well, that's why rally points are useful.

      I know the event of 4 times speed will be available in the future, but as we are going to have the high command only for 15 days... this was my suggestion to enhance the experience of all the players for these days...

      Anyway, I'm grateful with the gift, and I will not complain if Bytro lab doesn't follow my suggestion, because after all, this is a gift. But as I've seen that Bytro lab has heard its community, I couldn't resist to ask it :D