Stay At Home! - Save Lives!

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    • Stay At Home! - Save Lives!

      Attention, generals!

      These are tough times and most of you are likely to be affected by what is currently dominating the news. Many of you are working from home, reducing their social contacts to a minimum or doing a heroic job in a hospital, a supermarket or any other organization helping all of us to keep on going. Whatever you are doing right now to help and protect yourself, your family, your friends and your community, thank you!
      You are our heroes these days!

      The Call of War team, and all Bytro employees, have been working from home for more than a week now. Like many of you, we do this to protect all of our colleagues, our loved ones, and to do our part for society and help to flatten the curve.

      We know that spending time at home, neither being able to meet with family and friends, go to the gym or engage in any other physical social activity right now, means that you spend more time on the phone and online. To communicate, to watch movies and to play Call of War.

      To make social distancing times more bearable for you, we are gifting 14 days of High Command to each and every single Call of War account!

      With High Command you have access to advanced functionality and usability features in Call of War:

      On all platforms:
      • Build queue for units & buildings
      • Province rally points
      • Shared Intelligence with allies
      • Advanced fire control for units
      • Join rounds with Gold features for free
      • Exclusive High Command badge
      Only in Desktop version:
      • Upload pictures in the newspaper
      • Create 1 own game per month (at lvl. 11+)
      On top of this players who purchase any gold pack from the Call of War shop within the next week, no matter the amount of the purchases or the price, will receive 2 months of High Command for free (once per account).

      In case you have a friend who hasn’t logged in for a while and you would like him or her to get free High Command as well, let them know. We will also reach out to those players via email.

      Please note that assigning High Command to such a vast amount of accounts might take a day or two. You will be notified by an ingame message and push notification on mobile as soon as you receive your free days of High Command.

      Please continue helping to flatten the curve. Wash your hands, reduce social contacts to a minimum, follow official updates, don’t spread rumors, and most importantly…

      ...stay safe and sound!

      Your Bytro team!
      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War
    • I would like to commend the company for the offering for many of us who are stuck on Lockdown because of the Corona virus. This was very thoughtful and an excellent marketing tool to show people what they can get for buying High Command when the offer runs out.

      I also would like to thank the company for the design change to allow for aggressive fire on enemy units only. This fills in a critical design flaw that was done with the change in Aggressive Fire some time ago.