Alliance possible cheating

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    • Alliance possible cheating

      During the AWC, Amerika Erwache 2 has fought against an alliance. They have challenged us with a 22 player map instead of the 10p map according to AWC rules. We all agreed to archive it and to make a 10p map.

      Afterwards we saw that this was no mere accident but intended. They continued to play that 22p map and have won it.

      I suspect that this alliance does this perhaps frequently to artificially raise the ELO points of their alliance. If this is the case then it's abused, dishonest and cheating.

      The worse part is that there was a moderator and game operator involved in this practice.

      Are there other alliances with the same experience? Is this against game rules?

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    • In the AWC tournament we do expect occasional mistakes as our players are human and perfection is not possible. As this is an official tournament the admin team of the AWC has the tools and knowledge to deal with issues when they arise.

      In the case of ANY alliance challenge the game will always affect the ELO of both teams. This is guaranteed from the moment that the challenge is accepted. Regardless of any play or archiving a map will result in a win and a loss when the game ends. When an alliance challenge is mistakenly set up there is only ONE possible way for it to not affect the elo of both alliances, and that is by having the Main Administrator of a server delete the game. Game operators have the option of forcing a game to end which must not be used in this case because this will result in a winner and a loser. Only the map deletion process will prevent the Elo from being affected and this is only available to Main Administrators and higher members of the staff.

      Had this accident been discussed with the tournament admin team at the time this could have been avoided. Unfortunately now that the game has ended there is nothing that can be done to reverse this process or edit the statistics manually.

      Should you experience a similar predicament in the future, or hear of another alliance match with a similar issue please encourage the affected teams to calmly seek assistance from me or their respective Main Administrator to resolve the issue properly.
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